JK Tyre National Championship (JKNRC) - R3/4

not the best weekend :(

a short overview henceforth.

The weekend before R3/4 I planned on testing the F1300 car with DTS racing. The tests were good. I improved my pace massively as I could feel the car doing exactly what I wanted it to do, much more compliant to my driving style. Two days on getting the hang of the car was good and I managed the best time of 1:19:1

Back to the weekend.

THURSDAY: unofficial practice.

I struggled a lot with the car. The brakes did not feel right, the car didn't seem to turn as I wanted it to, in short, I just didn't feel the car beneath me. Yeah, these are all a lot of excuses but I am a racing driver so I have to bring some excuses out. But in all honesty, the car was really messed.

FRIDAY: Official practice and Qualifying.

Guess what? Stiff felt terrible.

In the practice session, I went off backwards as the brakes locked and spun me around.

YEAH. Not great.

Well, Quali was not fun either, I drove with the alignment completely off for the entirety of the session and the car bouncing at the back end. Pls, understand my frustration by now!

Enough ranting though, amirite!

Oh, one more thing. We were supposed to have 2 races, but there was this big tyre fiasco that led to all races on Friday getting canceled and adjusted during the course of the weekend the proceeded.

SATURDAY: Races 1, 2, and 3.

New day, new opportunities. I got my brakes and engine changed which helped a lot since I had broken brake pads in the rear and the engine didn't function right (something to do with misfiring :| ).

The races were honestly really good. I started towards the back because of a crap qualifying but made up the ground in the races. I started P22 and was running P7 until I made a mistake and spun, pretty much the story of the weekend hereafter.

In race 2, I spun and got stuck in gravel (shame ;( ) which ended my race prematurely.

Here is a complete race where I had fights with my teammates and rivals, good fun.

SUNDAY: Races 4, 5, and 6.

Pretty much the same as Saturday. Mistakes from me but great and clean racing as well. Pulled off great moves, divebombs (I AM THE NEXT DANNY RIC ya know?!). All was well, the car felt unstable at times but not as bad as the feeling on Thursday.

In the last race of the weekend, race 6, there was a pretty nasty incident (Lap 1, Turn 1). A car flipped upside down after contact with two other cars (the guy flipped was fighting for the championship), but he was all fine after the incident. Also, I had a gearbox failure into turn 1, sad weekend overall to be honest, but it is from such moments that you learn and move on, and that's exactly what I did.

Overall, a weekend to forget, but a lot of learnings taken away.

Here are my takeaways from the weekend.

1) Things don't always go as planned.

2) You need to interact and talk to people to help yourself.

Until next time, keep pushing and FLAT OUT!

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